Jennifer Mann

Shiva Shakti & Yin Yoga / Yoga in English

Jennifer has collected experiences as a yogini, yoga teacher, professional dancer, choreographer, modern/contemporary dance and improvisation teacher, as well as a partner and mother. She has taught yoga for 20 years and dance for 27 years, offering yoga, modern/contemporary dance and improvisation at schools, studios, businesses and dance companies throughout Europe, USA and Asia. She organises international retreats and workshops, teaching at festivals such as Bolzano Danza, Italy and The Dance Alps Festival, Austria. In Berlin, she can be found in Yoga Sky, yellow yoga and Marameo.

After her graduation from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, USA, Jennifer moved to Europe where she embarked on a career as a freelance artist with various choreographers and companies. Her yoga teacher studies began in the USA with Iyengar yoga teacher James Bryan, and then continued on with a four year certification program at the Yoga Akademie Berlin with Yogacharya Ananda Leone, the founder of Shiva Shakti Yoga. She is a certified member of the the Berufsverband der Yogalehrenden Deutschland (BDY) and the European Yoga Union (EYU). Jennifer recently furthered her practice and study of Yin Yoga, completing a series of intensive studies with Josh Summers. She is certified to lead the Group Motion Workshop, an improvisational evening focused on the universal language of movement and collective healing. She is also actively following the practices and guidance of the spiritual master Sri Mooji Baba. Jennifer greatly enjoys guiding others on a journey towards the Self.

Shiva Shakti Yoga in English

Shiva Shakti Yoga is an energetic and joyful approach to practising yoga. It celebrates the fullness of life, through the wonder and experience of your breath and physicality. This yoga is tantric in the sense that the yogi is considered a microcosm within the network of a divine macrocosm. Contemplation upon this connection is a focal point, as well as a source of fresh energy and inspiration. Duality is recognised and polarities are embraced. The male aspect of creation is represented by Shiva: the muscular, mental and rational. Shakti, the female aspect, is expansive, intuitive and organic. This practice continually pulls your attention to these forces within, fusing them, balancing them in a conscious and active way. It is well rounded, including dynamic flow sequences, clear alignment principles, standing and seated asanas, pranayama, and meditation. Each class highlights a philosophical theme in yoga, unfolding it in a clear and tangible way. This practice is a journey from body to Spirit. The Shiva Shakti Yoga approach to yoga was created by Yogacharya Ananda Leone, co-director of Yoga Sky and director of the Yoga Akademie Berlin.

What to expect…

You will focus, you will move, you will be challenged, you will be nurtured, you will deepen and understand more subtle aspects of yoga and Self.

Jennifer enjoys sharing and leading this journey from the body to spirit. She fuses Shiva Shakti Yoga with her own experiences as a yogini, performing artist, mother and teacher. She brings these traditions down to earth with a tangible practice that one can integrate into their everyday lives. Clarity in flow and alignment is a strong focus in her class, encouraging students to practice with mindfulness and independence. In this safe space, she hopes that her students discover more trust in themselves and the courage to open their minds and hearts to the wonder and mystery of being a human being.

Jennifer is a professional dancer, choreographer, dance and yoga teacher. She recieved her initial yoga certification from the Academy of Yoga in Grand Junction, Colorado under the direction of James E. Bryan. She continued her education with Ananda Leone at the Yoga Akademie Berlin, and is now certified by the Berufsverband der Yogalehrenden in Deutschland (BDY) and the European Yoga Union (EYU).