Assima Mahmood

Yoga Basics in English

I started my yoga journey more than two years ago and it changed my life. I discovered the benefits of Yin, then slowly I moved to an Hatha practice, then now I am more into Ashtanga and Vinyasa. I like to combine both in order to balance myself between my Yin and my Yang side.

I want to offer some Vinyasa accessible for everyone. I put a lot of interest into specific cues and adjustments. I want to teach how to be aware of what happen inside the body: specifically inside the belly, where it all begin. I want to do some links with some qigong postures in my classes, in order to massage our organs and be conscient of them. As a chi nei tsang practitioner, I want us (my student and I) to practice yoga with a return to the center, the navel. I will always remind my student to find their stillness by focusing on their drishti and their center.

In France, i follow the class of Flora Brajot, it was my first contact with Ashtanga. She was one of patabi jois students. Then, I moved to Thailand and I did my TTC in koh phangan where I receive my first classes in English. I really understood something about my own practice: that I should trust the process and forget about my ego, which was the hardest part for me, in my practice.
My favorite asana is definitely balasana. In this asana, no ego: you just allow yourself to take this moment, it’s a »simple« asana but still really intense. And you can do it from everywhere.

So, 19.30–20.45 — YOGA BASICS in English