Shiva Shakti, Core & Vinyasa Yoga – Welcome to our yoga-classes in English!

Shiva Shakti Yoga
… is an energetic and joyful approach to practicing yoga. It celebrates the fullness of life, and all its aspects, through the wonder and experience of our breath and our physicality. This yoga is tantric in the sense that the yogi is considered a microcosm within the network of a divine macrocosm. The body becomes a portal to this divine source when opened, where one can discover within themselves sources of fresh energy, inspiration and interconnectedness with nature and spirit.

Shiva Shakti Yoga embraces polarities. The male aspect of creation is represented by Shiva: the muscular, mental and rational. Shakti, the female aspect, is expansive, intuitive and organic. The practice continually pulls our attention to these forces within us, fusing them, balancing them in a concious and active way.
Shiva Shakti‘s Sadhana is a well rounded practice that moves one’s awareness from the gross to the subtle as it progresses. Asanas and dynamic vinyasas create space, clear blocks and set energy free in our physical form. A deep and powerful breath gradually focuses our awareness, helping us become sensitive to the pranic flow that pulses within us, giving us life. Pranayama directs this flow in such a way that the mind becomes still, peaceful and ripe for meditation.

Shiva Shakti continues to evolve from Ananda Leone’s unique approach to yoga that spans over 30 years of his intense practice with Dr. Swami Gitananda, Anusara Yoga, healing, ecology and his exchange with his many students in Europe and abroad.

Core Yoga
On the physical level, Core Yoga focuses on the essential alignment principles of yoga and explores how our center, our core, supports the asanas and transitions in yoga. This practice is slow and intense as we wake up physical strength and stability, mental understanding and clarity, and a feeling of well being and ease while in flow. This strong focus grows concentration, presence and an understanding of what it means to be in the core of yoga. Good for beginners as well as experienced yogis who want to fine tune their practice.

Vinyasa Yoga
English Summary is coming soon …