Cyndi Lee at Yoga Sky Berlin!

Open Workshop
„Sustainable Yoga for Life“

This workshop is open to all yogis.

Thursday, July 1, 2021
Slow Flow for Life
Sustainable yoga is a practice of working with all the ingredients of your life, as you are and as you change.  Cyndi will talk about sustainability, boredom, mindfulness and mindfulness. The dynamic sequencing of Cyndi’s medium-paced flows will focus on clarifying rotation, extension, contraction and receptivity.   You will be offered a sustainable approach to typical repetitive actions found in Sun Salutations. Taking time to observe the effects of our yoga actions helps us have agency in our practice and our life, now and in the future.

Gathering the Threads of Attention
This active class will involve sitting, lying, rocking and rolling, twisting and using props to invert.  Several downward dogs will pop up, but no standing up on your legs poses will happen this evening.  Yes, you will sweat.   And the uniqueness of this class will leave your body and mind feeling nimble, fresh and clear.

Friday, July 2, 2021 
Mindfulness of the Whole Body
Mindfulness of Body is an integrated mind-breath-body training practice which teaches us to fall back into the simplicity of each moment.  Cyndi will unfold the traditional layers of this powerful Buddhist practice in a mini-talk on Sati or Mindfulness, followed by deliberate, de-constructed asana work.  Beginning with the feet and going up to the neck, head and face, Cyndi will offer clear and sustainable movement work for strengthing, stabilizing and mobilizing all parts of the body, now and in the future.

Sustainable Resiliency: Tend and Befriend
This is a receptive practice of quiet asana, meditation, restorative yoga, pranayama and contemplative journaling to reset our nervous system.  We will practice modified inversions, twists, side bends, forward and backbends in a most friendly way.  Tending and Befriending ourselves with quiet purpose can happen even with just one breath.

$275 for both days.
$250 Early Bird