This in depth 3 hour workshop focuses on how to lovingly access more space within your body for safe and gentle backbending.

The spirit of “Ahimsa”, non-harming, guides you through a fluid vinyasa sequence, softening and stabilising the lower back and shoulder region. This preparation readies you for the dynamic and courageous action of opening the heart. The use of props such as blocks, bolsters and chairs support this process, encouraging listening, patience and relaxation as you unfold. Effortlessly, your breath then begins to fill not only your chest, but your whole being with more Prana: vital life energy. The practice will round out with a meditation on Anahata Cakra, the seat of your unconditional love and enthusiasm.

In the midst of winter, backbending can be an uplifting and healing practice during the darkest weeks of the year, appropriate for these challenging times.

DATE Sunday, January 24th, 2021, 11:00 – 14:00
COSTS 42 € / 38 € Early bird, by booking & payment till 16.1.2021
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