Yogic Belly Preparation - Relaxation for X-Mas

Back to the belly (your center of energy). Get your belly ready before celebrations ! 2 hours to get in touch with our center of energy the belly. Be aware of what happens inside through asanas, pranayama, qigong postures in order to take care before celebrations, and reconnect with ourself. The belly, our center, where everything begins, is always forgotten, even though we call it «our 2nd brain». The seat of the organs doesn’t digest just food but also emotions. To take care of them is a method to connect the mind and the body in a concrete way. Yoga teaches us how to take care of what happens inside: let’s give ourself an inner massage through yoga practice.

USC Members are Welcome! You can book the class for a reduced price and do a check in via QR-Code once you arrived in the studio. Please be careful booking the right ticket.


SA, 23. DEZ 2023 um 10:00 - 12:00


Frühbucherpreis: 32 € (bei Buchung und Bezahlung bis zum 9. Dezember 2023)
Normaltarif: 36 €