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Satyananda Yoga and Meditation EN

Satyananda Yoga and Meditation is Classical Tantric Yoga in the Tradition of Swami Satyanada Siraswati, who was the inheritor of the vast tantric tradition from his teacher Sivananda. It is a tradition, rich in methods: including the physical yoga asanas, breathing exercises or pranayama, as well as mudras and bandas, techniques which activate one’s energy centres, meditations which move energy around the body, and meditations to observe the activity of the mind. However Satyanada was also a breaker of tradition, he was the first to teach Tantric Kriya Yoga to the ordinary public, that which had previously been only for Swamis, and he was an influential figure in bringing yoga to the west. His impact has been profound, his books are classic yoga textbooks, and daughter schools of the tradition, are scattered all over the world, in India it is known as Bihar School of Yoga, and in the west it is more commonly called Satyananda Yoga.

Thomas has been practising the classical tantric methods of the Satyananda tradition with discipline and devotion, every day, for ten years. Methods like Source of Energy, Ajapa Japa, or Inner Silence, which have had a profound, and utterly transformative impact upon his life. At a certain point he decided that he also wanted to transmit the methods to others, and claimed the honour of doing so. In the Monday morning class he teaches Antar Mauna (Inner Silence) and Source of Energy.


DO, 18. JAN 2024 um 16:30 - 17:45