Lina Wailzer

About me

The human body’s incredible ability to communicate has always fascinated Lina and heavily influenced her work. Starting her career as a Modern and Contemporary Dancer, she stumbled upon yoga early on, realizing its immense value in her artistic journey. With consistent practice, yoga became an essential tool for Lina, helping her refine, refresh, and broaden both her subtle and physical abilities.

After earning her BA in contemporary dance, Lina felt a growing desire to delve deeper into yoga. This led her to intensive training, ultimately completing the Shiva Shakti Yoga Teacher Training program at Yoga Akademie in 2022. With over 500 hours of dedicated study, Lina became certified by the BDY. This journey has equipped her with the knowledge and skills to guide others through their own paths of self-discovery and growth through yoga and movement.

Yoga and dance.

Yoga into Dance

Yoga into Dance brings Yoga and Dance together in a dynamic, explorative, and exciting way. Yoga offers a beautiful deep path that includes all of our different layers of being, listening to the body expressing its experiences and harnessing the grounding qualities of them. In dance we work with the qualities of movement and expression through our bodies, creating living pictures, atmospheres, and aesthetics’. Inspired by dance Pioneer Martha Graham’s saying, “Movement doesn’t lie” this class is for everyone who wants to enjoy and discover new ways for their body to move and create all through an authentic movement practice.
Experience the synergistic benefits of a yoga practice intertwined with the discovery of the diverse movement qualities inherent in dance.